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Peko Website

Create online selling website

Create online selling website fast and free, bring items approach thousands of customers.

Peko Payment

Multi-channel Payment

Fast and safe payment, diversified methods, making shopping experience better for customers.

Peko Order

Online transact

Easy to create and upload items, convenient to mange and keep track, integrate with social selling platforms.

Peko Delivery

Deliver orders to customers

Third-party Delivery partner integrations. Automatically accept orders, shorten operation process.

Peko Multi-Device

Enabled on all device types

Manage both online and offline stores, synchronize data on all devices.

Make your customers buy more

Choose items

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Keep track

Not only E-Commerce, All Commerces.

Integration with POS machines

All the premium features right in front of you

Advantages ofPeko eShop

Other online selling platforms

PEKO eShop

Maintenance costs
30% of the order value
5.8% + 3,300đ of the order value
Food Delivery
Payment Methods
Membership Program
Online Website
Online Advertising
Analysis and Reports
Integration with POS machines




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