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Sales Management

Optimize every sales process, automated data synchronization, strict management anytime, anywhere.

LOOP Inventory

Inventory management

Import-export control in warehouses quickly and accurately, materials update automatically.

LOOP Payment

Multi-channel payment

Solution integrating multi-payment methods, data security, fast transaction processing.

LOOP Reporter

Statistic, reports

Detailed tracking 24/7, real-time report updates, intuitive visual chart

LOOP Promotion

Create promotion, events

Launch effective and attractive Marketing campaigns based on flexible promotions.

LOOP Supply Chain

Chain store management

Manage multiple branches simultaneously, monitor business situation with just one click.

Integration KeyIntegrate all solutions you need

LOOP Smart POS is available on all devices

With LOOP, even the goldenfish-brain can operate and manage

System Acceleration, Service Acceleration

With LOOP, store owner no longer needs a management class.

In-depth reports for store chain

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